We are your Statamic agency from Munich

Tired of WordPress and the like? The Statamic CMS is a far better alternative for implementing your website. At least if you value flexibility, user-friendliness, scalability, security and sustainability.

What makes Statamic so special.

Statamic has not reinvented the wheel. It just does many things differently and often better than other content management systems. What exactly, we explain here.

Modular and flexible

Statamic's modular building block approach makes it possible to easily map even complex content and page structures and make them easy to edit.

Clear and consistent

Statamic's backend offers a clearly structured user interface without frippery. Content managers will appreciate the intuitive UX and extras such as the Live Preview.

Mature and complete

Statamic comes with everything a modern CMS needs, such as multi language support, rights management or forms. Thus, maintenance-intensive and cost-relevant plugins are hardly needed.

Modern and future-proof

Statamic is based on the PHP framework Laravel, which is appreciated worldwide and developed by a large community. The technological basis is therefore proven and allows complex individual extensions.

Performant and scalable

Statamic is a flat file CMS, which means it does not require a database by default. In combination with sophisticated caching mechanisms, this guarantees fast loading times, even under high load.

Stable and secure

Laravel as a basis, the sparse use of plugins and the flat-file approach make hacking attacks on Statamic websites more difficult and lead to a comparatively low maintenance effort during operation.

"And what does that do for me?"

You're probably asking yourself why you should use Statamic when the whole world uses WordPress. Well, we have a few very good arguments.


A custom website without compromise

With Statamic, we implement your website exactly the way you want it, without having to squeeze ourselves into a tight corset set by the CMS or make lazy compromises. The possibilities with Statamic are virtually limitless.


Content management with fun factor

Working in Statamic's backend is not only easy to learn, it's actually really fun. The clear, logical structure makes everything easy to do. The frustration factor goes to zero, the productivity of your content managers increases significantly.


A website that grows with your business

Your business is going through the roof and website traffic is increasing seriously? Don't worry. Statamic can handle it. Or are you expanding your offering and need special website features? No problem. With Statamic, these can certainly be implemented.


A worry-free operation of your website

Regular CMS updates are indeed recommended. However, you don't have to be in constant fear of hacker attacks or crashes if you ever miss an update. Problems or incompatibilities caused by updates are also extremely rare.

Still questions? Or already convinced?

You are still unsure whether Statamic is the right system for you? Or have we already convinced you and you would like to start a Statamic project with us? Either way, contact us and arrange a no-obligation, free initial consultation.

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